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I just finished stopping by one of my favorite sites on the web, I check this site fairly regularly. It is maintained by a guy named Mark Joseph. He wrote a book called Faith, God, & Rock ‘N’ Roll. Basically the site just includes links to articles about Christian artists (Jars of Clay), artists who are Christian (Switchfoot, P.O.D., U2), and artists that mention Christianity, or things pertaining to it, in an interview or anywhere else (Alice Cooper)…I think that covers it.

Continuing on, there was a link posted for a short interview with Leigh Nash, it was a decent interview…A question was asked to her about artists who follow the line “I’m Christian by faith, not by genre.”

Now, with that whole introduction I’m actually not even concerned with what her answer was. As with most news sites, at the bottom of this article was a place where you can comment on the article with your thoughts. My concern is with how one of the reader’s responded to that question. And I quote, “I think it’s incredibly sad that so many artists do not want to be identified as a Christian…Can you imagine how Christ must feel, seeing so many of His own who don’t want to be identified with His name? What an insult.”

Ouch…For those of you who don’t know me I’ll let you in on how I feel about this. I love bands who decide not to sign with a Christian label, get signed by a “mainstream” label, write music that is artistic, accessible and relevant to a non-Christian (as well as Christian) audience, and then go out and give interviews discussing their Christianity and beliefs.

I have a few questions. Who is Christian music made for? Who is Christian television made for? Who are Christian books and magazines made for? Christians, right? How will any of this media created for Christians reach unbelievers? It most likely will not. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Christian media, it definitely has its place. My point is just that these things are not made for evangelizing unbelievers, these things are made for the benefit of Christians.

I’ll end this post with a quote from Ben Wysocki, the drummer from The Fray (taken from an interview done by Relevant Magazine). “As Christians, we set out to make really honest art that is relatable and that’s understandable for people, regardless of their religious orientation or faith background…There are some really great Christian bands out there that we really respect and are really good at making Christian music for Christians, and that’s a really good thing for some people. But for us, we’re called to make music for more than just the Church, to make music for the unchurched people and hopefully speak a bit of life into them.”

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  • Jasmin

    Exactly my point of view – thanks for making a really good point here. I love all kinds of music – but there are way too few Christians out there in the Rock, Hip Hop and Pop scene who dare to take a stand, but still remain in this world (for the time being, that is). There is this incredible R&B singer in Germany, Xavier Naidoo, who never ever recorded for a Christian label, but first a hip hop label, now his own. He fills stadiums in Germany, but dares to confess his faith in any given interview and in quite a few songs of his. That is how we can profess our faith and reach many – not by affiliating my art with the Christian genre.

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