Notes From LMNC: Bits, Bytes, Blogs, & Bibles

Ed Stetzer was the first speaker at the Bits, Bytes, Blogs, & Bibles Preconference. Below are the notes I took from his talk.

  • Social media is not a replacement for community, it is a supplement to community.
  • One problem with social media is the inability to convey complicated or detailed thoughts. Trying to do this is called simplism, or reducing something to a point beyond its capacity to be understood.

Tim Challies was the second speaker at the Bits/Bytes Preconference. He spoke on the conduct of online communication Below are the notes I took from his talk.

  •  In his introduction Challies quotes Paul, “Speak truth in love.”
  • When communicating online or anywhere else truth needs to be the heart of the message, love should be the means of relaying the message.
  • A great quote that I believe Challies was quoting from someone else: “Truth becomes hard if not softened by love, love becomes soft if not strengthened by truth.”

Burk Parsons was the third speaker of the preconference.

  • Parsons’ main point was that we should make the most of our time in whatever venue we are using to communicate. We should be using whatever is most effective for us.
  • We, as Christians need to be using New/Social media to help us set our mind on heavenly things. Parsons used a quote from C.S. Lewis to drive this point home, “The Christians who have done the most good in this world are those who thought most about the next.”
  • Christians should use new/social media to “fill the earth with the knowledge of God.”
  • Christians need to be sure the way we use social media glorifies God. It should point others to God and not to ourselves.

Albert Mohler was the fourth speaker of the preconference. He spoke on the “Hypersocialized Generation.”

  • A crazy piece of data Mohler quoted was that five years ago young people were consuming around 6.5 hours of media content. Today they are spending 7.5 hours consuming content, but multitasking is allowing them to actually consume 11.5 hours of content.
  • Mohler states that Americans miss opportunities for silence due to hyperconnectivity. Americans “feed on distraction.” And this is not healthy for us.

Notes from the Bits/Bytes Roundtable discussion.

  •  We should remember that the Internet allows us to connect with information asynchronously. We don’t always have to be on to receive information “live.”
  • Albert Mohler referenced an essay by C.S. Lewis about the benefits of reading old books. I intend on finding out what the essay is called so I can read it. Sounds interesting.
  • A book was mentioned called, “The Shallows.” It was brought up after the question, “Is Google making us dumb?” Sounds like an interesting book.
  • The theme of the Bits/Bytes Preconference seems to be that social media offers connectedness, but it is not really “life.” We need to remember to actually connect with people. A quote to sum this up is, “Proximity does not equal community, neither does connectedness.”
  • A great thought for organizations was that they shouldn’t just dive into social media without a plan. Social media should be used as a tool to be used for a specific purpose, namely the vision and mission of the organization.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll be posting notes from the other Ligonier Nation Conference sessions as soon as possible.

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