A Thanksgiving Prayer

A couple of years ago, I adapted a prayer, entitled Bounty, from a book containing a collection of Puritan prayers called The Valley of Vision. I’ve used this prayer at our Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends ever since. I thought I would share my adaptation for those of you who may enjoy using it at your Thanksgiving celebrations as well.

Great and only God,

You made summer and winter, day and night; each of these changes serves our welfare and is full of your care and kindness.

Your gifts are seen in the family that cares for us, the laws that defend us, the homes that shelter us, the food that fills us, the clothes that keep us warm, and the continuance of our health, senses, understanding, memory, love, and will.

But just as stars fade before the rising sun, you have eclipsed all of these benefits in the wisdom and grace that planned redemption by Jesus your Son.

Make us deeply aware of our need of his saving grace, of the blood that cleanses, and of the rest he has promised.

Assign to us the righteousness which justifies the guilty and grants eternal life, and possession of the Spirit.

Give us faith to hold to your promises (which are our hope), provide for every crisis, and prevent every evil.

Keep our hearts from straying after forbidden pleasures and may your will bind all our wishes;

Help us to live outside of the world regarding its spirit, beliefs, and culture, but live in it regarding our actions and usefulness;

May we be alive to every call of duty, accepting without question your determination of our circumstances and our service.


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