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A Study of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Thoughts on Mark 1:1-8

Over the past year I’ve been reading almost exclusively in┬áthe Gospels. I wanted to get, for myself, a clearer picture of who Jesus was and is, as presented by the Gospels, and to get a better feel for how the writers of the four gospels presented the Gospel in their narratives. I’ve been keeping notes on my own reading, but was also able to start participating in a Bible study group that is currently going through the Gospel of Mark. I’ve been meaning to put more of my notes down in blog form, and thought this was a good opportunity since I am now studying more formally with a group and keeping more formatted notes as a result.

I am using two commentaries to help me study the Gospel of Mark. They are N. T. Wright’s Mark For Everyone from The New Testament for Everyone series, and The Gospel according to Mark from The Pillar New Testament Commentary series by James R. Edwards, Jr. Below are my thoughts on Mark 1:1-8.

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